Monday, June 30, 2014

Black & Purple Hunt

Hunt Theme

Black & Purple... Do I need to say more?

Create something with these colors: Purple, Black ( White & Grey are also allowed ) .. But please do not use any other colors because this hunt is dedicated to black & purple.

*** Hunt is open to all stores ***


Time Line:

Application deadline: September 6th ( SLurl check will be done after receiving the application)

Sign out: As soon as possible please. It will be send after you have been accepted in the hunt.

Sign check: September 7th

Final Hunt package will be send out: September 8th

Hint & Hunt Pic sent by: September 10th

Hunt items in place: September 11th

1st walkthrough to check ALL stores: September 12th BE READY

2nd walkthrough to check the stores that weren't ready: September 13th

Hunt starts: September 15th!

Hunt ends: October 15th

 * No sponsorships available for this hunt *


Please create a new NC, copy & paste everything below and  rename it 'B&P H - ( Your name ) - ( Your Store ) '  and send it to PickledEgg Resident.


Store name:

2nd contact person ( not required ):


Sim Rating:


What do you sell?:

Did you read the rules and agree with them?

Are you part of the Pickled Egg Hunt group? If not, what is the name of the avatar(s) that should receive the group invite?:

- If you did not hear back from me then please give me a poke in IM to ask what is going on because SL tends to eat items! I will always reply back, even if I didn't accept you in the hunt to give you a reason. SL is a hungry monster that eats welcome packs -


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